Psychology And Wellbeing Services

PAWS Psychology And Wellbeing Services 

Working with children aged 5 and above, young people and offering parent support

as required.

Supporting adults with ADHD using coaching and psychological support.

Fully funded workplace sessions can be accessed.

We are a neurodiverse affirming, strengths based practice and incorporate therapy dogs into our approach.

We help to identify, assess and support developmental and mental health concerns, whilst utilising

individual strengths to optimise and nurture wellbeing and meet your goals.


Animal Assisted Therapy

The human-animal bond that occurs between an individual and a therapy dog can illicit many positive outcomes, notably, increasing the attachment response that triggers the hormone oxytocin, which increases trust in humans. In addition, research has shown therapy dogs can help reduce stress.

About Robyn and PAWS

Robyn is a registered psychologist with AHPRA and is a member with the Australian Psychological Society (APS).  Robyn works to support children, young people, and their parents. 

She has a background working in schools across primary and secondary, as well as having held various roles at headspace, supporting teachers and Allied health staff, as well as parents and young people.

Delivering practical supports that identify and capitalise on strengths, whilst supporting and equipping people with tools and strategies for individual challenges is her core focus.



Discover how we can make a difference for you

Robyn's specific area of interest is supporting children and young people with ADHD. She focuses on helping them recognize and capitalize on their strengths while developing strategies to minimize and manage challenges.

Following an assessment and potential diagnosis, Robyn communicates with other specialists, such as pediatricians or psychiatrists, to develop or reinforce appropriate scaffolds with practical and teachable tools and strategies.

Her services are conducted in beautifully landscaped surroundings in Eltham, located in the northeastern suburbs of Melbourne. This tranquil rural environment provides access to outdoor activities and areas for children and young people to enjoy.