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Pawsome Antics

Welcome to the Pawsome Antics page!

Here, you’ll get to know our incredible therapy pets who bring joy and comfort to everyone they meet. We hope their heartwarming stories and playful antics will inspire you and your children to visit and meet them in person. 

Share this page with your kids to get them excited about meeting our awesome therapy pets!

Meet Our Furry Friends

Meet Bella and Teddy, Our Groodle Duo

Bella, our gentle 7-year-old Groodle, is the heart of our pet team. She loves being close to people and is happiest when she’s sitting right next to you or even on your feet. Bella’s caring nature ensures she’s always by your side, ready to offer comfort and companionship.

Teddy, our affectionate 6-year-old Groodle, is full of life. She looks like a Golden Retriever but with less shedding. Teddy is Bella’s best friend and partner in fun. She loves people and can never resist a tasty treat. Teddy is excellent at playing fetch and enjoys friendly competition with Bella.

Together, Bella and Teddy are a playful and loving duo, always ready to bring joy to everyone around them. Their combined presence ensures that you will always have a furry friend by your side, offering warmth, fun, and endless affection.

Meet Cloud and Skye, Our Fabulous Feline Duo

Cloud is our friendly 6-year-old rescue cat who loves to greet everyone. She’s often found lounging outside, ready to welcome you with a stretch and a request for a pat. Cloud enjoys making cozy burrows in the backyard and surprising the dogs with playful pounces. A true food lover, Cloud appreciates pets while she eats, though she needs a watchful eye to ensure she doesn’t sneak any extra snacks.

Skye, our adorable 6-month-old ragdoll kitten, is the newest member of our pet team. She’s very talkative and loves to play, especially with scrunchy balls and laser light toys. Skye is incredibly cuddly and enjoys being held like a baby. Her playful and affectionate nature makes her a delightful addition to our practice.

Together, Cloud and Skye bring a perfect blend of warmth and playfulness to our environment. Their combined presence ensures that you will always have a furry friend ready to greet you, play, and provide comfort.

Free PAWS Psychology Colouring In 

Download the coloring page and let your imagination run wild. What colors will you choose for Bella’s fur? Maybe you’ll give Cloud some colorful patterns! Have fun, and we can’t wait to see your masterpiece!