PAWS - Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Services

What services do you offer?

PAWS Psychology provides individual therapy for children, adolescents, and their families, as
well as adults with ADHD via Telehealth.

We also offer a range of assessments, including:
● Autism Assessments
● ADHD Diagnostic Assessments
● Cognitive and Educational Assessments

Can you do assessments and what type?

Yes, PAWS Psychology offers Autism Assessments, ADHD Diagnostic Assessments, and Cognitive and Educational Assessments for both children and adults. 

For more details on assessments, visit our Assessments Page.

Is Telehealth available?

Yes, Telehealth is available.

We generally recommend young children attend in person where possible.

Where are you located?

PAWS Psychology is located at 82 Kalbar Road, Eltham, Victoria, 3095, Australia.

Do you facilitate school or care team meetings to help support my child at school?

Yes, PAWS Psychology consults and collaborates with other care providers and educational staff, which can be rebated under the Better Access scheme.

Understanding Psychologists and Therapy

What is a Psychologist and why should I choose one for my child or young person?

Psychologists have specialist training in human behaviour and undergo a minimum of six yearsof rigorous education and training. This extensive training ensures they are well-equipped to address a wide range of personal and mental health issues. Psychologists are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, guaranteeing high standards of practice and continuous professional development.

What makes your clinic different from others?

PAWS Psychology offers a private, resort-like setting with outdoor facilities, therapy dogs and clinic cats, and nature trails, designed to help clients feel more relaxed. Parents can enjoy a comfortable waiting area with coffee and tea facilities.

How are parents involved in their child's therapy?

Parents play a crucial role in their child's therapy process. They are often involved in the initial assessment to provide background information and context. Throughout the therapy, parents may be invited to participate in sessions, receive feedback, and learn strategies to support their child's progress at home. Regular communication between the psychologist and parents ensures a collaborative approach, enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment plan and fostering a supportive environment for the child.

Practical Information

Do you receive a Medicare or a private health insurance rebate when you see a

Yes, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate if you have a referral from a General Practitioner (GP), Psychiatrist, or Paediatrician through a Mental Health Treatment Plan. Additionally, many private health insurance providers offer rebates for psychological services, depending on your level of cover. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to confirm the specifics of your coverage.

Do you need a referral to see a psychologist?

No, you do not need a referral to see a psychologist. You can book an appointment directly. However, to receive a Medicare rebate, a referral from a GP, Psychiatrist, or Paediatrician isrequired through a  Mental Health Treatment Plan.

What is a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP)?

A Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) is provided by your GP to access subsidised mental health services. It includes a diagnosis, treatment goals, and a referral to a psychologist.

How do I get a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP)?

Schedule an appointment with your GP and request an MHTP. Ensure the GP includes your psychologist's name in the referral letter.

How long is each session?

Sessions are 50 minutes.

How many sessions will my child need?

The number of sessions depends on the nature and extent of the issues. This can be discussed during the first session, where goals are set and progress is regularly reviewed.

How often is attendance required?

Regular attendance is important for progress. Sessions typically start weekly and may become less frequent as therapy progresses.

Can you provide medication?

No, but PAWS Psychology supports the use of medication when recommended by a medical professional. Psychological support is also recommended at times to optimise treatment.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, PAWS Psychology has professional liability, public indemnity, and therapy dog insurance.

Can I bring my dog?

No, other pet dogs are not allowed at the clinic due to the presence of trained therapy dogs and for the comfort of all clients.

Inclusive Practices and Getting Involved

Are you an inclusive and neuro-affirming practice?

Yes, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and neuro-affirming practice. We strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment for individuals of all backgrounds and neurodiversity. Our approach is respectful of each person's unique experiences and we tailor our services to meet their individual needs.

I'm a psychologist and I like what you do. How do I get involved?

We're always looking for passionate and dedicated professionals to join our team. If you're a psychologist interested in working with us, please visit our work with us page or contact us directly. We'd love to hear from you and discuss potential opportunities for collaboration. 

Booking and Cancellation

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that sometimes appointments need to be rescheduled or cancelled. We kindly ask for at least 48 hours' notice if you need to cancel or change your appointment. This allows us to offer the time slot to another client in need. If less than48 hours' notice is given, a cancellation fee may apply.

I’m ready to book an appointment. What are the next steps?