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Meet The Team


Robyn Tongue

Robyn is a compassionate and experienced psychologist dedicated to supporting individuals from the age of 5 years old with various mental health challenges. Robyn works with clients experiencing anxiety, low mood, emotional dysregulation, grief, social challenges, family changes, and more. Neurodiverse clients with Autism and/or ADHD are supported with neuro-affirming approaches. Robyn offers a warm and open interpersonal style that fosters trust and rapport.

Robyn uses best practice assessment methods to provide provisional diagnoses for Autism and enjoys working collaboratively as part of a multidisciplinary team. She also offers cognitive and ADHD assessment. In addition, Robyn offers coaching sessions for adults with ADHD via telehealth. 



Hello! I'm Mara, Robyn's Virtual Assistant. Alongside my role as a VA, I am a registered nurse with a background in healthcare. As a late-diagnosed neurodivergent individual, I bring a unique understanding and empathetic approach to supporting Robyn and her needs. You will often hear from me through emails and phone calls as I assist Robyn with a variety of tasks.

Outside of work, I cherish spending time with my husband and our two young children. We love exploring the great outdoors through camping trips and geocaching adventures. I'm also an avid cook, constantly trying new recipes from my ever-growing cookbook collection.



Bella our beloved Groodle is the eldest at 7 years old and is the heart of our team. She thrives on closeness and is happiest when she's physically connected to you, whether that's sitting on your feet or nestled by your side. Her affectionate nature means she always knows when you're moving away and is ready to follow, ensuring she's never far from your side.


Teddy, another Groodle in our team, has inherited her mother's looks and resembles a Golden Retriever, though she sheds less thanks to her mixed parentage. At 6 years old, Teddy is a year younger than her best buddy, Bella. While she's highly affectionate, Teddy can be enticed away by food, unlike Bella, who always chooses people over treats. Teddy excels at retrieving balls but graciously lets Bella win their fetch games. Despite being bigger, she gives Bella some good competition during playtime. Teddy and Bella are inseparable, often seen snuggling together or engaging in playful mouthing games to entertain everyone.


Cloud, our 6-year-old rescue cat from Bendigo, serves as our enthusiastic greeter. Often found outdoors, she will stretch out and request a pat as soon as you arrive, ensuring you feel welcome before you even step into the waiting room. Cloud loves creating burrows in the backyard, which she uses to launch surprise play attacks on the dogs. While she enjoys her food and being petted while eating, she does need a watchful eye to ensure she doesn't sneak food that's not meant for her.


Skye, our 6-month-old ragdoll cat, is the newest addition to our team. Highly talkative and playful, Skye loves chasing scrunchy balls and honing her stalking skills by following anything that moves. She can be entertained for hours with a laser light toy. Skye also adores cuddling and, being very flexible, loves to be held like a little baby, curled up in your arms.