Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP)

The Australian National Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy is a world-first, and provides a framework to help support the mental health and wellbeing of children 12 and younger, as well as their families. It was developed by the National Mental Health Commission and supported by an expert advisory group, based on months of consultation with the sector.

We see people with Mental Health Treatment Plans as part of our range of services.

All age groups can obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan.


How do I get a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) and from where?

Please make an appointment at your local GP who will be able to assist you with doing this.  You will need to ensure that you ask for a referral letter as well.  Please request that the GP includes on both the referral letter and the MHTP the name of the psychologist you would like to see (e.g., Robyn Tongue).

Please also refer to the attached MHTP brochure for further information and that details specific information about accessing Mental Health Treatment Plans for children.

Who is eligible for a MHTP and are there any age requirements?

There are Mental Health Treatment Plans for all age groups, beginning with toddler aged children.  Speak with your GP about the challenges you or your child may be experiencing and the GP will assist you to access the relevant support and this includes a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

What rebates do I get for a MHTP?

The rebates change from time to time and will vary depending upon the type of session, such as if it is held in a clinic, at a different location or via video (Telehealth) etc.  The current rebate (as of July 2023) is $93.35 per a 50 minute session in a clinic, but please refer to the following link.

Click here to view current rebate amounts

Does a MHTP make my sessions free or is there a gap payment (out of pocket expense)?

There will be a gap of around $130 per session.

How many sessions can I get from a MHTP?

Six sessions are initially approved with a GP session and a GP review appointment needs to occur to confirm if an additional four might be beneficial. This provides an eligibility for up to ten sessions per each year

Can parent sessions be included in my child’s MHTP?

Yes.  There are certain conditions around this that enable parents to use two of the ten sessions.  One condition is around gaining consent by the plan recipient, so I encourage you to please read the brochure that explains this in further detail.

Can I access private health rebates with a MHTP or separately claim private health with PAWS?

All Private Health Funds have their own policies so you are encouraged to check with your Private Health Fund.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes.  Please contact the PAWS administration team to discuss this.